Más reciente


Tears and sorrow caused my eyes to melt away
Autumn passed, and in the dead of winter I became a year older

You think you’ve run far away, but your story never ends
And yet, you smirking
It’s so cowardly



Bye bye Me! A weakling, afraid of hating myself… the me I was before that day
If I just hum “One Day, A Prince Will Come for Me” I can hear the certain beat of my heart
It’s like warm gloves were put on the moon, white snow on rose droplets
Hey, let’s take just everything we want and run!!


Maybe, it was a constant self-control. Maybe, you were crying inside.
You can’t give away the dream you chose yourself?

More than the number of times I suffered, more than the number of times I doubt,
I want the number of times I laugh and trust others, and I pray that it’ll happen in my life

Even though I was always a side character, even though I’m a shadow,
let me be in the center when I dream. Let me be honest.

Up until now, somehow I didn’t give up.
Up until now,I always stand up, right?
Up until now, we always trusted each other
Up until now, we dreamed.
Up until now…

Up until now, I have looked foolish
Up until now, I was standing in someone’s shadow
Now, I’m a main character, so let me be selfish!

I have been escaping from a lot of things
I terminate those decisions
But for that dream, but for that dream
but for that dream…

I’m sick of a side character.
While I’m dreaming, let me be in the center when I dream.
Let me be honest.
Let me become not a side character but a main character.


In these tears and laughter
I cannot see any amount of light
Our desires have piled up
to the extent that we loose our destination
With out cutting, It starts to flow
I cannot see any pain with all these tears


Let a thousand winds (I struggle,)
Blow and blow. (I scream,)
I am (But even so,)
A soap bubble. (I believe.)

I stand and fight (I rise up)
In the face of (And come down,)
The unexpected storm, (But even so,)
A soap bubble. (I live on.)

The moment I burst,
I’ll release a rainbow.



Deep within my chest, I carry
A green apple that brings tears to my eyes.
Falling over, even if I get hurt

Pretending to be strong,
I glare at the restrictive sky.

I’m not going to just wait obediently
For destiny to ripen it.


As you hid the momentary lie away,
You sunk yourself to the bottom.

In this endless, lively parade of memories.Longing, pity, and scorn all mix together