Today I am what I am
Because of my yesterday’s choices.
And where I shall be tomorrow
Will be decided today.

Of course, this I know.
We can steer our life into
Happiness or sorrow
By the choices we borrow.

We are the captains of our lifeliner
And we choose our course and command our ‘Choice’.
Do we choose like a child with hopes, pure admiration; fearless?
Or like a defeated skunk – lost and hopeless?

It is greatness and the quality of our response,
It is our attitude of poise
That gives a glitter to our choice,
That makes us win and rejoice.

And this is the seed I sow for tomorrow
And shall doubtless reap it;
The harvest of choosing right.
Would I be happy while I reap?
Depends on the seed of today.

Even if today I have a sour harvest,
For the morrow, let me choose to seed my best
In the hope of having a fine bounty.

What else can we do other than to choose today?
Either we choose right or lie at life’s mercy.
The better way is making our CHOICE TODAY.



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