First, I lie to myself
Second, it breaks my heart
And so third, I pretend not to notice

I feel fine with this
I’m all right now
Because it’s okay that I’m not myself

The weak and cowardly braveheart
Is scared of getting hurt
Go ahead and laugh

Embracing what little courage I have
The only way is to close my eyes and move ahead
Even though I know it’s reckless

My regrets are catching up to me
Hurry, hurry, gotta run
So I threw away, the things I cherished

By the time I realized it
I was merely living for the sake of it
Because it’s all I’m worth anyway

What a wonderful name, braveheart
Despite that you’re of no use
Yet you still move

What should I wish from life?
My trembling heart bursts
I can’t help but want to live

I’ve had enough



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