The sky looks anxious as it threatens to cry
With nothing to do, I whittle away the hours
With nowhere to spit them out, I swallow down my feelings

Worrying that everything might break, I fear tomorrow
But I know that I won’t find any answers by looking at the day after tomorrow

It feels kind of pathetic that I’m feeling so troubled
I couldn’t stand still so I ran
What do I want to do? There’s nothing.

What will I draw on the blank canvas of tomorrow that stretches endlessly?
What will I draw on the black canvas of tomorrow that’s been dyed by reality?
With struggle, it will shine
“I’m not crying” I spit out
but it really sucks having to act tough.
A gloomy street that I’m used to walking
Seems colder than ever…

I’m carrying a cheap bag that feels heavy for some reason
A place that should feel warm to me
I open a window to let out that dark air
I’m about to be crushed by the pressure
so I retreat to the park I always go to
but I find out It was all changed

In this limited amount of time
I’ll try to draw myself
That’s all I need for now



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