How much longer must I keep shouting?
How much longer must I keep crying?
No more, I can’t run anymore…
The dream world I once saw is shutting down,
it’s so dark with no light to be seen.
Along this crumbled beaten path
I felt I saw something that shouldn’t be here,
a ray of hope.


These beloved memories
from that time were so fun…
But I can’t move anymore,
I wish upon the star flying through the darkness
to be able to run one last time!

I whisper with my shaking and scared voice
and I call out my own name.
The sky embraces the dawn, all the way till the border…
one more step…and I still won’t reach…

The tears I’ve endured start to flow,
but I mustn’t be depressed,
or everything will end,
I want to continue living!
I get it, I remember,
and believe with everything I got.

I knew it from the very beginning,
I knew the reason I’m here.
All of the courage within me
burn like a flame!
I won’t run away anymore!

I’m not alone!
I raise my voice, it doesn’t matter if I cry!
Please take a look at me,
from now on I begin my own story!



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