Old Cloth Doll

There was a time when an old doll was beautiful
It was the newest toy around
All days she played and enjoyed the life
The doll was always there
Even if she was made of cloth
The materials were not the best but it was the closest friend

The time passed and the doll started to collect dust in shelves
But time to time, she was used to play again
She didn’t notice the imminent end
She was happy because she was remembered again

Then she cameback to the shelve and the dust cameback again
But this time it lasted long than before
When she was called to play again, it was only to watch
Beacuse the place that she used to hold
Was taken by a new doll
A doll that was newest than her
And she was  left behind
But it wasn’t the new doll’s fault
It was of the low value that people gave to the old doll

The next time she cameback to the shelve , she was never used again

But she remained there, watching the fun
She remained there watching like no one cared about her
She remained untill the dust covered her completely



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