End Of The Century

Getting left behind
Not being loved
No one understanding
No one caring
are my fears

I had a dream
I was lost
No one tried to find me
No one cared
No one listened

Feeling left out
Feeling like no one understands
Feeling like no one can hear me
When I’m screaming to be heard
Destructive behavior I have

Wishing I could change
Wishing I could make it better
Wishing for another chance
Wishing for someone who will come and save me
from myself.

My fears not being heard
being left behind
not being understood
no one caring.

How can I disappear
make people understand.

Disappear from this world
Show people what
It’s like to worry, misunderstand
not care.

my fears,
people laugh
people tease
people misjudge
people misunderstand
Behind my back,
they laugh,
so I can’t see
them. It hurts.

I hide this pain
in my heart
making sure
No one sees my hurt,
Pretending to be someone
I’m not.

Trying so hard to fit in
to cover the scars, trying
so hard, to be liked

My feelings disappearing
No regrets
Hoping no one resents me.

After my dream ended
I wondered…
What am I leaving..
When I leave here?

The pain
I’ve caused the hurt
the disappointments
The worries

Hoping, now
people understand
people miss
people hear me
and others
Forgetting all,
all the pain, and hurt
I learned to hide
buried deep in
my heart. No way

My fears…are these



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