I am like that spider on my wall
Hanging on, never ready to fall
But why do I do that? There’s no reason
To nature that’s a horrible treason.
Everything I get, even a look
To me is quite, actually, a lot
The tiniest sip will be enough
Just a puny drop of love
I don’t wanna live
but life is not a thing I’ll give
I may not be free
But death does not own me
‘Is she a victim of society?’
said a boy with anxiety
‘No she is not!’
said the idiot.
‘Just look at her
smiling and laughing’
they couldn’t tell what was fake
no one can blame them for their mistake
I just liked to play along
Trying to be free, to belong
And I don’t wanna jump to conclusions
But I desperately need solutions
To all my problems
Even the small ones
And that’s just selfish and dumb
But I got tired of being left out and numb



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