Left out is how I feel these days,
A while a go and even today
If I told someone how I felt they wouldn’t care what I say

Nobody knows I feel except my true friends who really care about me
My old friends don’t know how I feel because their never there
And if I told them, they probably wouldn’t care

I understand everyone is suffering pain in other ways,
But there so caught up with themselves they can’t realize I’m in pain too
Everyone has somebody but the truth is I’m not the same without you!

Now you’ve got new friends, and you left me behind.
I’m usually sad and mad, but never happy that’s no doubt
But know there is a new feeling, its known as feeling left out!

I see you whisper and laugh, so I take a quick glare
You seem happier than ever before, and that’s all I see
I guess I should be happy for you, but what about me!



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