I sit here all alone,
holding in all I have to say.
Can’t someone see me crying here?

I cry here everyday.
I want to shout out why;
why I sit here and I cry.
But if someone gets to know the real me
they will leave me and just go on by

I ‘m crying from the pain,
If you’re wondering why I’m feeling this,
you’ll just have to continue to wonder.

To me it seems so clear;
I feel it’s written on my face.

I sit alone now, all by
Myself with no one else.
They’ve all left again for good,
And I am once again alone

Loneliness is darkness
A never-ending night.
Even though the black won’t go away,
You’ll never fall asleep.

Because loneliness sparks a fear
And unlike other nightmares
Awakening will not vanish it;
For the darkness is too strong
To allow any rest.

It makes memories into ghosts
And dreams into spirits.
Too vague to remember
Too important to forget.



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