Life has made me realize that everything changes
This things has made me change
Tranform myself in something that I don’t like
Stuck only into the bad things
That keep me tangled up

You know when you have nothing
You can see it at first glance
Tried so hard to make anything look like something
To keep searchin something to hold to
But knowing that all was sinked deeply

All things happened and I couldn’t even see the start
But I could see the end coming near
I wasn’t stupid enough to keep pretending
I knew that anything was anything
But I transformed it into something that I could hold to

The time passed by and made my job harder
I couldn’t even fool myself
The obvious end was too near , and I didn’t have nothing
I realized I couldn’t keep it that way
I looked my hands and there were anything in them
Nothing to hold on
I was looking right through the end

I finally opened my eyes
But my journey it isn’t finished
I will walk again much more
And now I know that

Nothing equals nothing



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