I’ll never understand anything of this
But I’ll never will down my head again
I’m not anymore the girl I used to be
and the lies I can’t ignore anymore

I knew it was long over
but I played my cards very well
I didn’t want to face the truth that was untold
I always knew it was over
and I faked myself again
I will never forget when I passed to be a waste

Maybe I not strong now to say it happily
But I think it was really the best thing
Because the flower that withers can’t be irrigated
Because the water will even take the roots of it
So at least I want to keep them

I’m not an idiot , and I see the things well
Where you are not needed , you don’t have to be there
Is better to retreat yourself that be throw out of it
But I fighted long not to notice this
Now that I opened my eyes , I can see clearly
I was not good enought to remain there

I will never again fool myself
The reality is this
I can’t avert my eyes anymore

I won’t come back Never Again.



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