Moving foward to the place that I belong.

I stand before, a road that will lead,
Into the unknown – at least unknown to me.
I want to go, but I’m paralyzed with fear.
Fear of a choice, where the outcome isn’t clear.

And I take the first step of a million more.
And I’ll make mistakes I’ve never made before.
But at least I’m moving forward, at least I’m moving forward.
At least I’m moving forward…

Moving forward, because here is not the place for me
Will I find a place where I belong?
Where all the faces seem to know me
Where all the places are the same
No matter where I am , I will find the place that I belong.
Even if the search is long…
I will move forward.

Never stop anymore , never think anymore
I look to the front where it is the sun
The sun that will give me happiness
Bright up in the sky in the place that I choose

Even it the search is too long
Even if I got tired in the way
I won’t never ever stop.
I’m tired of been in a place that I don’t belong

Experience will tell me , when I finaly catch my goal
I certanly will know is , it is written in my soul
There people waiting for me in the place that I belong
And I have been waiting for someone in all my search long

The day that I reach it , I will cry out my soul
Of all the happiness of seeing my dream pay off
All day I will party , and I will give my entire soul
If someday I make it to the place that I belong-

I wonder if the journey will be,
Short as I hope, or much longer than it seems.
But either way, I’ve made up my mind.
I’m through feeling scared, I’m leaving that behind.

Alone in the way I will travel , across the seas and the sky
I don’t know if I can reach it
No, but still I go.

I will move forward in my way to the place that I belong.



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