I remember all their smiling faces around me and thinking of how I could not fit in more perfectly.
I feel so left out on everything. Sometimes, I wonder what people think of me.
Everyday people make it more clear to me that I’m a nobody. I’m no one special.
It’s sometimes to the point where nobody even knows I’m here.
I wish they would just pay attention to me.
I hate feeling so left out and lonely.
I’m no one worth associating with. I’m no one fun to be around. I’m too this or I’m too that.
I’m never good enough somehow. I’m very quiet, shy and nice.
So just because I’m not outgoing and happy every second must mean I’m a boring person.
I just want to be myself and have someone appreciate me for me.
I just want someone to acknowledge me and ask me how I am.
I just want someone to care and wonder where I am.
I just want someone to listen to me and tell me that they’ll be their for me and mean it.
If I had someone who’d do these things than maybe I’d be happier
Maybe I’d be more confident and be outgoing.
It’s like everything I do is just wrong.
And people wonder why I’m so negative about life.
I don’t want to live my life feeling left out.
So why am I so disliked?
Why do the majority of people dislike me?
I feel that people don’t have the patience to get to know me, or they ignore me completely because they have better, more interesting friends to hang with.
My interests are different from a lot of other people, but that doesn’t mean I have less to give.
I can feel lonely in a room full of people. I feel like i’m invisible most of the time
I feel I’m sinking into nothingness and no ones missing me.
If someone cares about you, they could at least tell you whats happening in their life.
Take a few minutes to get on the computer and tell you whats happening or upsetting them.
But, all I get is silence.
Not a single person I see is left out,the only one left it is obviously me
My efforts to fit in were all in vein
I’ve been mentally wounded through out my young life already and I’m afraid I’ll never find a cure.
And I’ve got being left out to thank for that.
It’s quite sad that someone can be so damaged why opinions of which shouldn’t matter.
Unfortunately, I’m very much affected by it. You could even say I’m infected.
Thinking deeper…you could say that I’m like a disease that people don’t want around.
But you can’t get rid of it for good, not really.
Honestly, theirs nothing wrong with me.
Personally, I’m an honest, caring, good person.
So why am I left out all the time?
Come on, I’m not too different than all the others
It makes me want to cry knowing that people probably wont remember me.
I want to live my life knowing that people wanted me around.
It’s like always be the last one standing there and the gym teacher would tell me to go on a random persons team where they didn’t want me
I can never keep anyone around, people like me for a while…and then their gone.
If im missing…no one cares… when I’m gone no one even notices.
I feel sad a lot becasue I feel I always get shuffed around and forgtten by people I care so much about.
I have felt scared and hurt.
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep becasue I am so sad and lonely.
I can feel lonely in a room full of people. I feel like i’m invisible most of the time
I am scared of rejection. I always feel like if I was someone else people would like me better.
It seems like my friends have it better then I do.
I don’t know whats wrong with me! But it’s like I’m a ghost.  Nobody seems interested in talking to me.
It hurts so much to be lonely. Sometimes the loneliness just aches in my chest.
I’m tired feeling like nobody cares.
You know that feeling when you’re about to cry? Then you hold it back?
I do that everyday, then its like another mark inside me. It makes me feel all incomplete.
I just really don’t understand why people make you feel left out.



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